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Quick Features Outline (As of November 24th, 2011):

  • Components

    • KinectEngine
      Support for Kinect using the official Kinect SDK
      • Console commands for receiving the video from the RGB camera and tilting the sensor
      • Special texture for the RGB stream (“kinectrgb”)
      • Helper functions for converting the coordinations received from the Kinect SDK to XNA vectors
      • Helper function for drawing skeletons
    • TextEffects
      Flashes text in a cool way on the screen.
    • TrackHUD
      A game component that shows information about the song being played by XNA’s MediaPlayer
    • NetworkHUD [Feature is disabled in the current version]
      Shows gamer’s information in the corner of the screen
    • Console
      A highly customizable game console with the following key features:
      • Customizable Font, Background Image / Animation, Typing Sound Effects / Background and Foreground Colors and Size
      • Allows using different colors in the output
      • Built-in commands with the ability to control many aspects of the game engine like:
        • Changing Game size, Output stretching mode, Resolution and Full Screen mode (g_res, g_fullscreen, g_size, g_stretchmode)
        • Changing Game’s Update speed (e_framerate)
        • Loading Content Files (load)
        • Activating Game Screens (e_show)
        • Controlling MediaPlayer, Playing user’s media library and playing sound effects (a_sfx, a_mediaplay, …)
        • Modifying GUI Controls
        • Creating / Joining a network session [network features are disabled in the current version]
      • Console Variables
      • Customizable Commands
      • Batch Files (Scripts)
      • Scripts can be loaded in to the memory and can act like dynamic commands
      • Color name / value parser
      • Tab auto complete
  • Menus

    Pretty and extremely easy to use Menu system with the following built-in fully functional menus:
    • Main Menu
    • Options Menu
      • Can change game's resolution and Full-screen mode
      • Sound effects can be enabled or disabled from this menu
    • In-Game Menu
    • Quit Menu
  • GUI

    Flexible controls with the following features:
    • Event handling from within the code or dynamically via scripts
    • Can be attached to the console to do the following actions dynamically:
      • Create new Controls
      • Modify the appearance of the Controls as well as their behaviors
      • Move, Resize and Delete Controls
    • Following controls are available in this version:
      • Box
      • Button
      • CheckBox
      • Image
      • Label
        • FancyLabel
          Shows an animated and cool Text
        • TypeWriter
          Shows text with a type writer effect
  • Content Management

    Scripts, Shader Effects, Fonts, SoundEffects, Textures and Videos can be easily loaded and accessed using the structured content management system in this game engine
    • Content can be loaded dynamically from the scripts or by using LoadTexture(…), LoadSound(…), LoadFont(…), LoadSong(…), LoadEffect(…) and LoadVideo(…) methods
    • Support for Animated Textures with control on their frame rate
    • Textures can be loaded directly without using the Content Manager
  • Graphics

    • Ability to write shadowed text on the screen with custom shadow color
    • Sprite sheet support
    • Random Color Generator
    • Transparency Generator
    • Landscape Mode
    • Ability to draw Lines with controllable thickness (LineBrush) [Unstable]
    • Simple Pixel Shader Effects can be applied with the UseEffect(effectname) method
    • Sample Shader Effects Included (HLSL):
      • Color Add and Tint effects (coloradder.fx; colorfilter.fx)
      • Triangle Filler (triangle.fx)
  • System

    • Methods for handling Input from Keyboard and GamePad: IsTapped(…), IsPressed(…), IsReleased(…)
    • Methods for handling Mouse movement and clicks: IsMouseClicked/Pressed(), IsRightMouseClicked/Pressed(), IsMidMouseClicked/Pressed()
    • Screen Management (Screen)
    • CalibrationScreen for monitoring the Kinect RGB stream and the sensor’s elevation angle
    • Support for embedding into Windows Forms
  • Mathematics

    • Segment/Segment, Line/Segment and Line/Line Intersection Finder
    • Point in Circle Detection
    • Point in Triangle Detection
    • Vector to String and vice-versa conversion
    • Polar to Cartesian Coordination conversion
    • Simple Polygon-based physics simulator
    • Polygon Triangulation
    • Circle to Polygon Estimation
    • Polygon Area Calculator
    • Polygon Edge Finder
    • Polygon/Polygon Collision Detection and Resolution (With MTD)
    • Polygon Drawer
    • And supports basic operations related to the Line Segments
  • Network

    (via GamerServices a.k.a. LIVE) [Windows version’s network support is disabled]
    • Session Creation
    • Session Finder (Normal and Asynchronous)
    • Chat
    • Send/Receive Data

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