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Project Description
Neat is a collection of Utility Classes that help making games with XNA a lot easier. This project is maintained by Saeed Afshari. 

The releases will be updated a few times per year. If you want the latest version, use the Source Code page.

Tutorials and guides on using this engine are available at here.

If this project has helped you, please consider supporting it by making a donation via PayPal.

Key Features [For a complete list of features click here]

  1. A Fully-customizable Console with Auto-complete and coloring support
  2. Kinect Support
  3. Scripting Support
  4. GUI (Labels, Buttons, etc.)
  5. Menus
  6. Content Libraries and Sprite Sheet support
  7. TrackHUD (Shows what song is currently being played by MediaPlayer)
  8. Polygon Collision Detection
  9. Helper libraries for common Mathematics and Geometry operations
  10. Screens, Post Effects and Transitions support with built-in effects and transitions

Ready to begin using Neat?

  1. Download the latest version of Neat
  2. If you have problems building some of the SpriteFonts, modify them with fonts installed on your system.
  3. Modify Neat Starter package the way you want. you're ready to go!
  4. Kinect features require Kinect SDK.



You can visit my blog for more tutorials and updates on Neat:

(Follow my twitter (@saeedafshari) for more updates)

Loops In Neat Script

Sectors Game Engine, Based on Neat

Colorful Console! (Screenshot from the tech demo of Sectors Engine)

Polygon Collision Detection

Neat GUI (Screenshot from CipherPuzzle)

Stretching (Screenshot from Tree Massacre XMAS Edition)

Dynamic World (Screenshot from River Raid X)

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